Work with us to inspire the next generation of tech talent

If you work with technology, adjacent to technology, or in a role that relies on technology, we want you to come speak to our students about your job and about your journey.  

We have opportunities for volunteers at every level of commitment, from once a year, to once a week, from in our school to at your offices, and from working 1:1 to speaking to our entire school community. 


Why volunteer?

Comp Sci High is designed to work with industry.  For our volunteers, that means a better experience and a bigger impact.  For students, that means a deeper, more authentic connection between their high school experience, and their aspirations, hopes, and dreams. 

Light Touch, Big Impact: We've built volunteer opportunities into every single school day.  Sharing your experience with our students over a quick brown-bag lunch may not seem like much by itself.  But, by combining the efforts of hundreds of volunteers like you, every one of our students gets to explore careers, network with professionals, and find inspiration for their own careers.  

Inspire a New Generation of Tech Talent: If we want a more diverse talent pool in tech, we need to inspire a more diverse group of kids to fall in love with computing, engineering, troubleshooting, and designing.  That work starts with you. 

Both research and common sense tell us that building a clear vision for the future is crucial to our students' long-term success.    By sharing your interests and passions, and your story, you help our students find their passions and build their vision. 

Flexible: We have an incredible variety of volunteering opportunities, from quick brown bag lunches and mock interview days, to more in-depth hackathon coaching and mentoring.  Whether you want to try it for a day or dig in for a year, we have opportunities for you to make a real difference for our students.

Local: Our volunteers have local impact, serving the highest-need communities and students without going more than a few miles from the office.  

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