Polos: Choose whichever style you like best.

Polos: Choose whichever style you like best.

 Pullover Fleece

Pullover Fleece

 Families can buy any khakis they want as long as they match this color.

Families can buy any khakis they want as long as they match this color.



Uniform Purchasing
Students must have a full uniform on the first day of orientation on August 20. The uniform is made up of the following:

  • CSH polo (green or grey, long or short sleeves)
  • CSH hoodie (provided to you at enrollment)
  • CSH fleece
  • Khaki pants (from any store, but matching the color above)
  • Closed-toe shoes (sneakers are fine)
  • Backpack (of your choice)

Frequently Asked Questions
How much is the Comp Sci High uniform?
Pricing can be viewed online at www.flynnohara.com/school/NY218. Our recommended uniform package is 1 CSH hoodie, 3 CSH polo shirts, 2 khaki pants, 1 CSH fleece with a total cost of approximately $142.00.

Where can I purchase my child’s uniform online?
You can purchase your child’s uniform online at www.flynnohara.com/school/NY218  

I prefer to purchase my child’s uniform in a store. Where can I purchase my child’s uniform?
Visit us at our closest servicing retail location: 136 Westchester Square, Bronx NY 10461. You can call our retail location at -  718-863-7561


I prefer to purchase my child’s uniform over the phone. Can I call?
Call at (800) 441-4122, Monday through Saturday to answer questions, track returns, and place Orders.


When is the latest I can place my uniform order?
Be sure to order no later than July 10th! After July 10th Flynn O’ Hara cannot guarantee uniforms will be available by the first day of school (August 20th).  

For online orders:
Step 1: Create an account here: https://www.flynnohara.com/school-landing.aspx?scn=NY218

Step 2: Purchase the following items:

3 Polo Shirts  1 Fleece Sweatshirt (1 Short Sleeve, 1 Long Sleeve, 1 Sleeve Length of Your Choice)

You may purchase Khaki pants from Flynn O’ Hara or another uniform provider as long as they are the same color as the Flynn O’ Hara khakis (refer to Comp Sci High Flynn O’ Hara page linked here).

I am currently facing financial hardship.  Are there stipends available to supplement the remaining cost?
Yes.  Uniform vouchers will be provided on a first come first served basis. If you need help paying for your child's uniform, send an email to admissions@compscihigh.org no later than July 6 detailing the following:

  • student’s full name
  • parent/guardian full name
  • primary telephone number

I have purchased uniforms from Flynn O’ Hara before. Can I use my existing login and password?
Yes. If you have a previous account you can log in with your existing information at www.flynnohara.com/school/NY218

What happens if my child forgot to wear their uniform?
It is the responsibility of the family to provide your child's uniform. If your child does not wear his/her uniform, the parent or guardian will be notified by the student's advisor.

What happens if my child is missing one part of the uniform?
Whether it is the logo fleece or logo polo, it is the family’s responsibility to have all REQUIRED parts of the uniform (top, pants, belt, shoes) by August 20th for their child. The student may wear the custom hoodie (zipped up) provided to them during enrollment as a top.

What is the required uniform for my child? 

Your child is expected to wear a top option which includes: (CSH hoodie, CSH fleece, or CSH Polo shirt). For bottoms, Khaki pants. Finally, shoes and book bag of their choice. Each child is expected to have a top that has the Comp Sci High logo on it whether it is CSH hoodie zipped up, CSH polo or a CSH fleece.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding uniforms, school calendar or to learn more about us please contact admissions@compscihigh.org